Patrick H. Sauble

Date of Birth:  1921


Place of Birth:  Newton, Kansas


Father and Mother’s Names:  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Sauble


Spouse and Children's Names:  Mary Sauble (wife), children - TBD


Date Entered Service:  TBD


Service Branch:  Army Air Corps


Rank/Specialty:  TBD


Service ID:  TBD


Division/Company/Unit info:  TBD


Riley Connection:  Pat came to Manhattan to be a student at Kansas State College.  While there he took flying lessons at Manhattan Regional Airport. World War II broke out while he was attending K-State.  More info TBD.


Date of Death (and Age):   N/A


Place of Death:  N/A


Grave Location:  N/A


Patrick Henry Sauble was born in Newton, Kansas in 1921, the son of a true cowboy. Pat's father John C. Sauble was an old-fashioned cattle rancher whose range extended from Kansas all the way to Mexico. Unlike most ranchers, however, John Sauble happened also to be a part-time banker and so was fortunate enough to send his son to college. Pat attended Kansas State Agricultural College before the war and trained to become a pilot. He took his flying lessons at the airfield that would one day become Manhattan's regional airport.


Pat was still at K-State when the war broke out. It was clear that the war effort was going to need a lot of trained pilots and Pat's prior training made him a valuable asset. Pat was fortunate enough to spend his war service in the United States ferrying troops, supplies, and equipment from one end of the country to the other. Near to the end of the war, however, Pat's unit was converted to B-17s and were preparing to ship out overseas. As fate would have it, however, Pat's wife Mary was pregnant. At the time when Mary went into labor Pat was granted three days of leave to be with her at the hospital in Kansas City. When Pat returned to his base in Nebraska his unit had shipped out without him. As the married father of a new child, he was allowed to stay behind and continue his service in the States.


After the war ended Pat returned to his father's ranch at Cedar Point in Chase County, Kansas and began to take over operations. Pat has led a very civically active life in the decades since the war. Not only has he run a successful cattle ranch and chicken farm, but he was a central figure for many years in Cedar Point's fight with the government against the construction of a dam on the Cottonwood River which would result in the destruction of local property and livelihoods. He is a pillar of his local community and remains well-known among cattlemen all across the region. Even today, well into his nineties, Pat Sauble personally operates his family's ranch, which has long since become the oldest continually operating cattle ranch in the state of Kansas. As Pat will tell you, he's "doing pretty good for an old guy!"



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