How the list was made:

While many remain elusive, for the majority of the men it has proven to be easier than expected. Several factors somewhat unique to the area contributed to this fortunate situation and most of those can be traced back to the college.


Those Who Paid the Ultimate Price

The following is a list of the 101 servicemen from Riley County who are known to have died in service to their country during the Second World War. Their backgrounds were diverse and so was the nature of their service.  All, however, deserve equal recognition for their sacrifice made on our behalf. Once forgotten, let them now be remembered.

Please help us in our effort to remember these veterans. Many of their bios are lacking any content.  Anyone with information related to any of the men included below are encouraged to contact us at
We are particularly interested in photographs, letters, service documentation, and any other forms of personal documentation that may help us to create a more complete memorial.  Help us to help others remember those who served.



Army and Army Air Force


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